Wednesday, 13 June 2018

writing with Room 6

Once upon a time there was a boy name Pennywise. The clown was in the Sewer when there was People going. To the sewer. When the people Drop their  stuff in Sewer. And then Pennywise will Pop up and Take you in the sewer They tried to get up but Pennywise will kill you and then you are dead . Then the mum and dad Came out of the house To try and look for him and Pennywise will throw the dead person out and The Because they saw him dead and then they cried mum and dad cried So they Buried him.
when they buried him they stay next to him forever and then they build a house next to him so they can’t get wet and then they went inside to get all his stuff. And put it all his stuff next to him and then they went inside and cried.And when they went in side they went to sleep when they Woke up They went outside to look If he was ok And then he was alive.  And the whole family was happy When he was alive the family cried.You have super powers and he can do anything with Super powers.and  Pennywise Tried to get him again But has superpowers were too strong Because he can shoot anything.Anyways tried to get home but the guy threw up on him and  Pennywise was More angry So he got more clowns.

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